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Hiroshima University Faculty of Engineering

広島大学 工学部, ヒロシマダイガク コウガクブ
Representive : Dean, YOSHIDA Fusahito
Establishment year: 1949
Address: 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 739-8527 Japan
Telephone number: +81-82-424-7505
FAX number: +81-82-422-7039
Organization/Research department name (2):
  • Cluster 1 (Mechanical System Engineering),Cluster 2 (Electrical , Computer and Systems Engineering),
  • Cluster 3 (Chemistry , Biotechnology and Process Engineering),Cluster 4 (Social and Environmental Engineering)
Subordinate facility name  (1):
  • Radiation Overall Laboratory, Large Strength Test Room, School Factory
History (21):
  • 1920/01
    Hiroshima High Institute of Technology was founded (Departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Applied Chemistry)
  • 1929/01
    Department of Brewing was created
  • 1944/01
    The name was changed to Hiroshima Technical School (abolished in 1951) Department names were changed to Machine, Electricity, Chemical and Fermentation Engineering
  • 1945/01
    Hiroshima City Technical School was founded (abolished in 1951)
  • 1949/01
    Hiroshima Technical School and Hiroshima City Technical School were annexed and Hiroshima University Faculty of Engineering was created. The Departments of Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Chemistry, Fermentation, Ship, Civil & Architectural, and Industrial Business existed.
Purpose of establishment:
The Faculty of Engineering aims to nurture engineers and researchers who
possess fundamental academic ability with a wide-range of professional
Business overview:
The Faculty of Engineering presently has four groups. The school aims
at the diversification of the specialized instruction by valuing the
fundamental engineering to give a wide ability to adapt and combining
two or more special courses to give the ability to have both the
specialty and the synthesis and finishing it.
Parent Organization  (2):

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