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Osaka University Graduate School of Science

大阪大学 大学院理学研究科, オオサカダイガク ダイガクインリガクケンキュウカ
Representive : Dean, SHINOHARA Atsushi
Establishment year: 1953
Address: 1-1 Machikaneyamacho, Toyonaka-shi, osaka 560-0043 Japan
Telephone number: +81-6-6850-6111
FAX number: +81-6-6850-5288
Subordinate facility name  (3):
  • Project Research Center for Fundamental Sciences
  • Research Center for Molecular Thermodynamics
  • Center for Advanced High Magnetic Field Science
History (1):
  • 1933/01
    The Graduate School of Science was opened in April 1933 when the old School of Science began to admit graduate students to start educational activities and to direct research.Since 1943,the Graduate School has admitted in addition to regular students,special research fellows.It has had a remarkable output in various fields of science.The total number of enrolled students in the Departments of Mathematics,Physics,and Chemistry since 1933,and in the Department of Biology since 1952 had reached 361 when the old Graduate School was closed in January1961.Under the new university law the Graduate School of Science was refounded in April 1953 with a course of study in mathematics,three courses in physics,two in chemistry,and two in biological science.The eight courses were founded upon existing research facilities and staff in the School of Science and departments of the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Institute for Protein Research.Admission of students to the began in 1953 and to the in 1955.A course in macromolecular science was created in 1963,three courses in physics(Nuclear and Cosmic Ray Physics,Solid State Physics,and ExperimentalPhysics)were unified into a single course in physics in 1966,and a course in earth and space science was founded in 1995.The courses of the Graduate School were reorganized as Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Macromolecular Science,and Earth and Space Science in April 1996. Two institutes which used to belong to the School of Science, the Laboratory of Nuclear Studies and the Microcalorimetry Research Center, now belong to the Graduate School of Science. On this transition, the Microcalorimetry Research Center has been renovated as the Research Center for Molecular Thermodynamics. The purposes of opening this Graduate School are to foster the liberal and active traditions of the School of Science,and to extend them to a higher degree,to foster researchers of outstanding ability,and to encourage them in developing new work in their own fields.Instructors for the research course in these developing fields of science are not limited to those of this School.A number of instructors from the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research,the Institute for Protein Research,the Institute of Laser Engineering,the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases,the Research Center for Nuclear Physics,the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology,the Radioisotope Research Center,the Genome Information Research Center and the Research Center for Materials Science at Extreme Conditions,have been invited to offer courses.
  • 2003: \ 2,435 (Million)
  • 2002: \ 1,799 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,523 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 2,073 (Million)
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