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Hokkaido University Institute of Low Temperature Science

北海道大学 低温科学研究所, ホッカイドウダイガク テイオンカガクケンキュウショ
Representive : Director, Ebuchi Naoto
Establishment year: 1941
Address: Kita 19, Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0819 Japan
Telephone number: +81-11-716-2111
FAX number: +81-11-706-7142
Organization/Research department name (4):
  • Marine and Atmosphere Sciences Section
  • Cryosphere Science Section
  • Basic Cryoscience Section
  • Boreal Environmental Science Section
Subordinate facility name  (8):
  • Facilities for study of drift ice (Monbetsu)
  • Laboratory for observation and experiment of snowslide
  • (Makanbetsu)
  • Laboratory for observation and experiment of frost heaving
  • (Tomakomai)
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History (2):
  • 1941/01
    The institute was established as the first attached research institute to Hokkaido University.
  • 1995/04
    The institute was reorganized with an institute for a nationwide common utilization organization for the purpose of "basic and applied research of scientific phenomena under low temperature conditions and in cold districts."
Business overview:
The Institute of Low Temperature Science was founded
in 1941 as the first research institute affiliated
with Hokkaido University. The institute owes its
establishment to the achievements of Dr. Ukichiro
Nakaya, professor of the department of physics, who
was the first in the world to create artificial snow
crystals. In the half-century, the institute has
conducted unique research on various natural
phenomena occurring in climatic low temperatures.
At it has become clear that the cryosphere has an
important role in the global climate system and
ecosystem, nature in the cryosphere has gained
attention in recent years as important subject of
study regarding environmental earth science. To
promote interdisciplinary studies beyond the existing
scientific framework such that they are pursued
jointly by its own and other researchers, the
Institute of Low Temperature Science has recognized
its formerly dispersed sections into four large
divisions, marking a fresh start in 1995.
With a background of tradition of half a century,
the Institute of Low Temperature Science, as a core
research institute of environmental earth science, is
now promoting comprehensive research of natural
phenomena occurring in the cryosphere, from the
aspects of field studies and experimental studies and
from various academic fields.
  • 2002: \ 1,214 (Million)
  • 2001: \ 1,228 (Million)
  • 2000: \ 1,373 (Million)
Parent Organization  (2):
Branch Organization  (5):

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