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University of Hyogo Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry

兵庫県立大学 高度産業科学技術研究所, ヒョウゴケンリツダイガク コウドサンギョウカガクギジュツケンキュウショ
Representive : Director, MOCHIZUKI Takayasu
Establishment year: 1994
Address: 3-1-2 Kouto, Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun, Hyogo 678-1205 Japan
Telephone number: +81-791-58-0249
FAX number: +81-791-58-0242
Subordinate facility name  (1):
  • New SUBARU
History (1):
  • 1994/04
    Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry set up
Purpose of establishment:
The laboratory is expected to be a center of
excellence in the research field of photon science
and related technology. Through collaborations with
different industries, the laboratory prepares a
base of advanced engineering in the local area and
takes the initiative in creating new industrial
Business overview:
Its research efforts are concentrated on
development of
(1) microlithography and microfabrication
(2) new materials,
(3) biological application using VUV to X-ray
photons, and
(4) new light sources for generating the above
  • 2002: \ 363 (Million)
Parent Organization  (1):

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