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Toyama Prefectural University

富山県立大学, トヤマケンリツダイガク
Representive : President, NAKASHIMA Kyoichi
Establishment year: 1989
Address: 5180 Kurokawa, Imizu-si,Toyama 939-0398 Japan
Organization/Research department name (2):
  • Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering,
  • University Library, Computer Center, Administration
History (14):
  • 1981/09
    Toyama Prefectural Higher Education Institutions Promotion Committee was established.
  • 1987/11
    Preparatory Committee for Foundation of Prefectural University was established.
  • 1988/02
    Fundamental Plan for Toyama Prefectural University was made.
  • 1988/12
    A ground-breaking ceremony for construction of university buildings was held.
  • 1989/12
    Establishment of Toyama Prefectural University and Junior College, Toyama Prefectural University was approved. Toyama Prefectural University Ordinance was proclaimed.
Purpose of establishment:
As a base of science and technology, Toyama Prefectural
University aims at contribution to advancement of arts,
sciences and culture and development of the society.
We foster promising persons with rich humanity,
creativity and practical workability, give knowledge
and skills widely, conduct research and studies on
advanced specialized fields, promote the development
of diverse personality, and conduct activity for
linking sciences to life, culture and industries.
  • 2006: \ 2,143 (Million)
  • 2005: \ 3,554 (Million)
Branch Organization  (17):

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