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Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Applied biofunctional and bioprocess engineering ,  Analytical chemistry ,  Biochemistry
Research keywords  (3): enzyme engineering ,  biosensors ,  biotechnology
Papers (28):
  • Hisanori Iwasaa, Kazumichi Ozawaa, Noriko Sasakia, Nao Kinoshitaa, Kenji Yokoyama, Atsunori Hiratsuka. Fungal FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenases concerning high activity, affinity, and thermostability for maltose-insensitive blood glucose sensor. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 2018. 140. 115-122
  • Hisanori Iwasa, Atsunori Hiratsuka, Kenji Yokoyama, Hirotaka Uzawa, Kouhei Orihara, Hitoshi Muguruma. Thermophilic Talaromyces emersonii Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide-Dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase Bioanode for Biosensor and Biofuel Cell Applications. ACS-Omega. 2017. 2. 1660-1665
  • Kazumichi Ozawa, Hisanori Iwasa, Noriko Sasaki, Nao Kinoshita, Atsunori Hiratsuka, Kenji Yokoyama. Identification and characterization of thermostable glucose dehydrogenases from thermophilic filamentous fungi. APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2017. 101. 1. 173-183
  • Hisanori Iwasa, Kazumichi Ozawa, Noriko Sasaki, Nao Kinoshita, Atsunori Hiratsuka, Kenji Yokoyama. Thermostable FAD-dependent Glucose Dehydrogenases from Thermophilic Filamentous Fungus Thermoascus aurantiacus. ELECTROCHEMISTRY. 2016. 84. 5. 342-348
  • Masao Gotoh, Hideo Hirose, Tomoko Ishikawa, Hideaki Nakamura, Kenji Yokoyama. Establishment of Ferricyanide Chronoamperometric Total Antioxidant Capacity Assay Employing a Carbon Screen-Printed Disposable Microchip -Fundamental Study Using Vegetable Extraction-. SENSORS AND MATERIALS. 2015. 27. 9. 825-838
Books (1):
  • Immobilization of single-stranded DNA by self-assembled polymer on gold substrate for a DNA chip
    wiley 2005
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • Blood glucose sensors and novel enzyme development
  • FAD Glucose Dehydrogenase from Thermophilic Fungi and Application to Blood Glucose Sensors
  • Recent trends in analytical tools for proteomics
    (1st International Symposium on Electrochemistry SA 2008)
  • Fully Automated High-Throughput Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis System
    (International Symposium on Functional Genomics 2007)
  • Fully automated 2D electrophoresis system for high-throughput protein analysis
    (PepTalk 2007 2007)
Works (2):
  • Development of Functional Fluorescent Molecular Probes for the Detection of Biological Substances
    Yoshio Suzuki, Kenji Yokoyama 2015 -
  • Self-assembly DNA-conjugated polymer for DNA immobilization on Chip
    Kenji Yokoyama, Shu Taira 2006 -
Work history (16):
  • 2015/09/01 - 現在 Tokyo University of Technology
  • 2015/09/01 - 現在 Tokyo University of Technology
  • 2015/05/01 - 現在 Tokyo University of Technology
  • 2015/04 - 2015/04 Chief Researcher
  • 2011/04 - 2015/04 Professor
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