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Doshisha University

同志社大学, ドウシシャダイガク
Representive : President, MATSUOKA Takashi
Establishment year: 1875
Address: IMADEGAWA CAMPUS: 601 Genbucho, Karasumahigashiiru, Imadegawadori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Kyoto 602-8580 Japan KYOTANABE CAMPUS: 1-3 Miyakodani, Tatara, Kyotanabe-shi, Kyoto 610-0394 Japan
Organization/Research department name (25):
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Social Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
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History (44):
  • 1875/11
    Opening of Doshisha Academy for English Studies with eight students and two teachers, Neesima and J.D.Davis.
  • 1876/09
    Erection of the first two school buildings on Imadegawa campus.
  • 1879/01
  • 1879/06
    The graduation exercise held for the first class of fifteen students.
  • 1880/04
    At the morning meeting, Mr. Niijima gave admonition of punishing himself to students by hitting his own palm with cane. It was a " Punishing himself" affair.
Purpose of establishment:
The Aim in Establishing Doshisha University (Extracts)
In the seventh year of Meiji (1874),ready to undertake
my cherished plan,I returned to Japan, my country
which had haunted my dreams for more than ten years.
I opened an English School in Kyoto in the eighth year
of Meiji (Nov.29,1875). This was the beginning of the
present-day Doshisha.
Its purpose was not merely to teach English. Rather it
was to foster moral character, noble conduct and a
lofty spirit; to send out not only talented men of
science but men of a sensitive conscience as well. Now
this sort of education is not to be achieved by a
one-sided emphasis on the intellect. Instead,it must
be founded on faith in God, love of Truth and
kindness; in a word, on Christian principles.
There is no doubt that the government university has
special advantages,but we believe that a university
conducted by the people themselves would exert a very
great influence on the nation. Its superiority lies
rather in fostering a spirit of independence in the
students and in training the people in self-government.
The purpose of education is not merely to make a show
of one's abilities,it is rather to provide a
well-rounded development of all one's faculties. No
matter how advanced a student may be in the arts and
sciences,if his character shows weakness of purpose
and lack of decision, he is not the man who can
contribute to our country's welfare. If our
principles of education miss their aim by casting
young men in a narrow mold and fostering one-sided
personality, such education can only be called a
national calamity.
A nation is upheld in prosperity not by the work of a
few great men, but depends for this on men of wisdom
and character who might be called the conscience of
the nation. It is my desire and purpose to provide
such men for the nation. As the proverb has it: "Plant
corn for one year; Plant trees for ten years; Plant
men for a Century." So our plan for establishing a
university is a work to provide for a century of
So this is my cherished plan for a university. When I
consider my strength I find it greatly lacking.I am
like a man who undertakes to grind an axe and can
only make a needle. So my strength is small and my
learning little, yet I prate loudly of using my all
to serve my country. But I cannot keep silent. My
hopes, cherished for twenty years, the need of my
country to-day, the support of my good friends, all
call on me to undertake this great task. Therefore,
forgetting my weakness,with a thought only for the
need of the times, I shall devote my whole life to
this great enterprise, I pray for God's blessing and
for the support of my fellow countrymen so that at
last I may realize this my purpose.
Joseph Hardy Neesima
November 1888
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