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Kochi University

高知大学, コウチダイガク
Representive : President, SAKURAI Katsutoshi
Establishment year: 2003
Address: 2-5-1 Akebono-cho,Kochi-shi,Kochi 780-8520
Organization/Research department name (41):
  • Research and Education Faculty Humanities and Social Science Cluster Humanities and Social Science Unit
  • Research and Education Faculty Humanities and Social Science Cluster Education Unit
  • Research and Education Faculty Natural Sciences Cluster Science and Technology Unit
  • Research and Education Faculty Natural Sciences Cluster Agriculture Unit
  • Research and Education Faculty Medical Sciences Cluster Basic Medicine Unit
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Subordinate facility name  (7):
  • Kochi Earthquake Observatory
  • Reseach Laboratory of Hydrothermal Chemistry
  • Medical School Hospital
  • Center of Medical Information Science
  • Kochi - System Glycobiology Center
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History (14):
  • 2003/10
    The former Kochi University and the former Kochi Medical University were merged and reformed to Kochi University. University Education Creation Center was established.
  • 2004/04
    Legal Person of National University, Kochi University was opened. Graduate School of Kuroshio Science was established.
  • 2006/04
    Eight school facilities for education and research and 3 facilities affiliated with the Medical School were reorganized into four centers:General Education Center,Science Reserch Center, Center for Regional and international Collaboration,and Integrated Information Center.
  • 2007/04
    In 2007, the three departments of the Faculty of Science were restructured into two: the Department of Natural Science and the Department of Applied Science. And the five departments of the Faculty of Agriculture were restructured into one: the Department of Agriculture, consisting of eight courses: the Subtropical Agriculture Course, the Aquaculture Course, the Food Science Course, the Life Chemistry Course, the Natural and Environmental Science Course, the River Basin Environmental Engineering Course, the Forest Science Course, the International Field Science Course.
  • 2008/04
    Six courses(Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Science, Medical Graduate Scool, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School of Kuroshio Science)were integrated into Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences.
Purpose of establishment:
Kochi University’s General Objectives
Kochi University, located between the Shikoku Mountains and the Nankai Trough, is a comprehensive university offering education and research under the slogan From Regionality to Globality and from Globality to Regionality. Based on a philosophy of local, relevant decision-making and regional community collaboration, we aim to help develop a safe, sustainable society where people live in harmony with the environment.

We strengthen our principle of comprehensive education through regional collaboration and by producing professionals who boast profound problem-solving capabilities. Based on the special features of the Kuroshio Region, our international education and published research contribute both to regional communities and international society.

To that end, we can state the following fundamental objectives.


We aim to realize comprehensive general education by helping students to acquire both specialized knowledge in their diploma area and diversified ways of thinking in multi-disciplinary fields, thereby producing individuals who can contribute to the development of society with flexible, transferable skills.

Our special responsibility as the only national university in Kochi Prefecture is to provide multidisciplinary education in regionality, ocean studies, disaster risk management and medicine, thereby developing individuals who can contribute to regional communities and activities.

2. Research

Our research will be centered around human society, the ocean, the environment and life science, providing benefits to regional communities including practical disaster risk management.

We also aim at the promotion of academic exchanges, including multidisciplinary exchanges, within and across universities, especially among those in the Kuroshio Region.

3. Community Link and Internationalization

We strengthen our system of regional research collaboration, so as to solve regional problems both systematically and flexibly. This is in keeping with our responsibility as an indispensable resource for the regional communities here.

We prioritize our relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, utilizing our special regional resources throughout our international education and research collaborations.

Our overarching principle is to develop GLOCAL Education and Research, offering to the world our regionally generated research products and in turn applying the benefits of global trends to our regional communities.
Research field (3): Life Science ,  Nanotechnology/Materials ,  Humanities & Social Sciences
Branch Organization  (88):

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