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Hokkaido Research Organization, Animal Research Center

地方独立行政法人北海道立総合研究機構 畜産試験場, ホッカイドウリツソウゴウケンキュウキコウ チクサンシケンジョウ
Representive : Director, YUSUKE Yamamoto
Establishment year: 1876
Address: 39, Nishi 5 Sen, Aza-Shintoku, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 081-0038 Japan
Telephone number: +81-156-64-5321
FAX number: +81-156-64-6151
Number of employees: 102
Organization/Research department name (8):
  • Livestock Research Division
  • Beef Cattle Research Group
  • Swine and Poultry Research Group
  • Extension Unit
  • Basal Research Division
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Subordinate facility name  (1):
  • Laboratory building, Auditorium, Health test barn, Experimental barn for beef cattle, Barn for bull, Barn for beef cow, Experimental barn for dairy cow, Sheep barn, Swine building and poultry house, Research ridge for forage crop, Bio-technological laboratory.
History (11):
  • 1876/01
    Hokkaido Prefectural Shintoku Animal Husbandry Experiment Station was established as "Field for pasturing cattle" in Magome in the suburbs of Sapporo by pioneers of Hokkaido.
  • 1947/01
    Moved to present site and changed to Hokkaido Prefectural Shintoku Animal Husbandry Institute.
  • 1962/01
    For corresponding to change in agricultural and animal husbandry conditions seeing from experimental angle, meat cattle was imported from U.S.A and Canada, then reorganized to animal husbandry experiment station of large scale mainly targeting milk cow, meat cow, and horse.
  • 1973/01
    Preservation of variety of Hokkaido-original stallion started.
  • 1976/01
    Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding, and monument was built, and 100th anniversary magazine was published.
Purpose of establishment:
Selection and breeding of JAPANESE Black Cattle, raising and fattening, management of reproduction of cattle and improvement of meat quality.
Animal health research and Embryo transfer. Grassland management, estimating nutritive value of forage. Agro-environment preservation.
Business overview:
Animal Research Center mainly tackles improvement of Japanese Black Cattle, fattening technique and culturing management method and practical use of embryo transplantation technique. Also, Animal Research Center performs studies on disease control for livestock, maintenance and management of pasture, nutritive value evaluation, and feces processing technique. About swine and poulry, it is grappling that
management of Specific Pathogen-Free swine and management of high quality meet-type crossbreed“Hokkai Jidori II”.

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