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Mayumi Minamisawa

Mayumi Minamisawa
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (4): Nanomaterials chemistry ,  Functional solid state chemistry ,  Bio-related chemistry ,  Food science
Research keywords  (3): Sustainable material chemistry ,  Metagenome analysis ,  Phytochemical
Papers (12):
  • M.Minamisawa,K.Suzuki,G.Kawai,A.Yamaguchi,S.Yamanaka. Functional evaluation of yuzu (Citrus junos) extracts containing limonoids and polyamine for life extension. Journal of Functional Foods. 2017. 38. 591-600
  • M.Minamisawa,T.Taniai,S.Yoshida. A soft environmental control effect of apatite doped with mineral traces in the fowl droppings. Poultry Science. 2017. 96. 9. 3502-3509
  • Mayumi Minamisawa, Shoichiro Yoshida, atsushi uzawa. The functional evaluation of waste yuzu(Citrus junos) seeds. Food and Function. 2014. 5. 330-336
  • Mayumi Minamisawa, Shoichiro Yoshida, Atushi Uzawa. The pyrolytic synthesis of calcium phosphate compounds from carbonized fowl droppings. Powder Technology. 2012. 230. 20-28
  • Hiroaki MINAMISAWA,Ryoko OKUNUGI,Mayumi MINAMISAWA,Satoshi TANAKA,Nobumasa ARAI,Masami SHIBUKAWA. Preconcentration and Determination of Cadmium by GFAAS after Solid-Phase Extraction with Synthetic Zeolite. ANALYTICAL SCIENCES. 2006. 22. 5. 709-713
Books (1):
  • Synergic Solutions for Sustainable Development
    Research Publishing 2007 ISBN:81-903170-0-8
Lectures and oral presentations  (31):
  • Determination of Biologically Active Substances in Roasted Coffees Using a Diode-Array HPLC System
    (The 2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (Pacifichem) 2000)
  • Removal of heavy metals in water by use of roasted coffee beans
    (2nd European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry 2001)
  • Adsorption behavior of heavy metals on biomaterials 1
    (Pittsburgh conference 2003)
  • Characterization of Adsorption gel Prepared from Plant Biomaterial
    (7th International Hydrocolloids Conference 2004)
  • The Functional Evaluation of Limonoid in Citrus Junos
    (7th International Hydrocolloids Conference 2004)
Association Membership(s) (6):
The Chemical Society of Japan ,  The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry ,  The Society of Inorganic Materials, Japan ,  The Society of Separation Process Engineers, Japan ,  The Society of Sea Water Science, Japan ,  The Japanese Society of Polyamine Research
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