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BAN Masahito

BAN Masahito
Affiliation and department:
Papers (32):
  • Masahito Ban, Yuuya Kogi, Taichi Hirose. Fabrication of arrayed microwells with wrinkle microstructure by ink-jet and diamond-like carbon thin film deposition process. Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology. 2019. 249
  • Masahito Ban, Satoshi Tobe, Louie Takeuchi. Effects of diamond-like carbon thin film and wrinkle microstructure on cell proliferation. Diamond and Related Materials. 2018. 90. 194-201
  • Masahito Ban, Tsuyoshi Hagiwara, Yoshizumi Masumoto. Partial formation of linear concavo-convex microstructure onto microwells by diamond-like carbon thin film deposition. DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS. 2017. 74. 138-144
  • BAN Masahito. Application of Carbon Nanomaterials to Biointerface. Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan. 2014. 65. 6. 262-267
  • M. Ban, N. Hasegawa, Y. Ueno, H. Shinozaki, T. Aoki, H. Fukumoto. Wear Resistance Property of Hardfacing Weld Overlays Containing Metal Carbides. Tribology Online. 2012. 7. 4. 207-212
MISC (68):
  • H. Kanematsu, R. Nakagawa, D. Barry, K. Sano, M. Ishihara, M. Ban, N. Wada, N. Hirai, A. Ogawa, T. Kogo, D. Kuroda. Interaction between Graphene Surfaces and Extracellular Polymeric substances of Biofilms. Materials Science & Technology (MS&T19). 2019
  • M. Ban, M. Ishihara, Y. Okikawa, M. Hasegawa. Stem cell behavior control by surface wave plasma CVD graphene attached on PDMS. International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials. 2018
  • 伴雅人. Culture of human mesenchymal stem cells on wrinkle microstructure formed by DLC thin film deposition. 日本工業大学研究報告(Web). 2018. 48. 2. 46-47 (WEB ONLY)
  • 伴雅人. Fabrication of concavo-convex microstructures by DLC thin film deposition and cell behaviors. 日本工業大学研究報告(Web). 2018. 47. 4. 33-36 (WEB ONLY)
  • M. Ban, L. Takeuchi, R. Arayama. Effect of diamond-like carbon thin film and wrinkle microstructure on cellular behavior. 28th European Conference on Biomaterials. 2017. 287
Books (1):
  • Dimond-like Carbon Films
    NOVA 2011
Lectures and oral presentations  (126):
  • パターニング成膜されたDLC薄膜によるヒト間葉系幹細胞の挙動制御
    (表面技術協会講演大会講演要旨集 2019)
  • DLC成膜微細凹凸構造によるヒト間葉系幹細胞の分化
    (表面技術協会講演大会講演要旨集 2019)
  • CVDグラフェン転写PDMS基板によるヒト間葉系幹細胞の分化
    (表面技術協会講演大会講演要旨集 2019)
  • 液中マイクロプラズマによるグラフェン/酸化チタン複合粒子の作製
    (表面技術協会講演大会講演要旨集 2019)
  • DLC薄膜成膜による微細凹凸構造のヒト間葉系幹細胞の挙動への効果
    (表面技術協会講演大会講演要旨集 2018)
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